A surprise shed for my husband

My husband has always wanted an outdoor shed to keep his tools and work on projects in.

  • When we bought our house there was a shed, but I took it as my work out space.

He always said that it wasn’t a big deal since he would build his own. My husband is a lot of talk and little action. For years he kept saying that he would build one and went on and on in detail on the exact shed he would create. Well right now he is going to be leaving on a week long business trip. I have already called a construction and remodeling business to get an outdoor shed erected while he is gone. I am hopeful that they can build the shed in a week. I don’t want anything too large, so it shouldn’t take that long to create. I do however want electricity and HVAC in the shed. I think having heating and cooling will be beneficial since my husband likes to work all year around. Having lights too will help since it gets dark early at certain times of the year at home. Also being able to plug in his saws, and charge his drills will be really nice too. The construction business seems to think they can do all of this in a week. I got my price quote and I paid the bill. I think this is going to be the best, greatest gift I ever surprise him with. I am really excited to see his face once he notices his brand new shed!


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