Purchasing a custom couch to fit my home

When my husband and I moved into our new home, we were over the moon.

We had lived in an apartment before.

The apartment was adorable, and I loved the way I had it decorated, but I was excited to get to stylistically express myself in a house! When we started placing some of the furniture from our apartment into our home, we found that the furniture was either too small or did not go with the house at all. We looked around at some of the leather furniture available in the furniture stores, but we were really having a hard time finding furniture we liked- specifically the sofa. In the living room of our new home, there’s a small wall that I think is a perfect place for a sofa but none of the sofas I’ve looked at seem to be short enough. I know I had seen shorter sofas, but I was not having any luck. That’s when we decided to look into custom furniture. Custom furniture allows you to give the exact measurements and ideas to get the product and style you want. Depending on where you purchase your custom furniture, it can become very expensive. While I will say that we spent more on the custom sofa- and other custom furniture-than I would have liked, it was worth it. Looking at our adorable custom leather sofa sitting against that wall- a perfect fit! – makes me happy each time I walk past. If you have a difficult spot in your home, you should really look into custom furniture as a solution.

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