As an electrician my father has suffered a handful of workplace injuries living in Warren

It’s bad enough when you injure yourself in your daily life, or as a result of your own carelessness.

I think of all the times I nearly killed myself as a child out of pure stupidity, like the time I threw a metal rod into the air and watched it come down and blast me in the forehead.

I was bleeding all over myself and had to get stitches. But sometimes you’re injured beyond your control, whether it’s an accident or the result of another person’s negligence. It’s especially terrifying when it happens in the workplace while being pushed to the limit physically. Although my dad usually works in his hometown, Warren, he is often called to jobs in Highland Park, Southfield, and Royal Oak—all along the southern outskirts of Detroit. For the first thirty years that he worked for the electrical union, he never had a serious accident or injury. But one job called for him to balance on a ladder at a precarious angle without help or support from a coworker. Sadly, he fell off the ladder and broke several ribs, his left arm, and bones in his left knee. We were happy that he didn’t break his neck or spine during the fall, but we also knew how important it was to find a personal injury attorney in Warren that specializes in workplace injuries. Before we blindly apply for worker’s compensation, we want to ask the personal injury attorney what our best course of action is and how to pursue it. We were thrilled when we found dozens of matches in Warren alone. I guess the Detroit area is chock full of attorneys specializing in every area of law.



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