We’re getting a modern HVAC chiller system at our processing facility

My family’s peach distribution center is steadily growing in capacity.

Although there are no definite changes planned yet, they’re all mulling over their options for expanding the facility.

I could have never anticipated this sort of growth when I was a child, then business was regularly good, however the people I was with and I had not expanded our facilities in decades. My father was still using the building that our Grandpa bought for the contractor when our dad was a child. But after numerous decades of solid service, we’ve come to the conclusion that our lack of space is going to downsidely impact our production numbers. We need modern sorting machines plus modern packing machines, however as of now there’s no room for either. Thankfully, our family has their choices slimed down to numerous possibilities. Each building has its own advantages plus pitfalls, however they are all roughly the same size. One of them has an ancient chiller system already installed, however it looks enjoy it might be ancient enough to warrant a replacement. If we’re going to be forced to invest in an HVAC chiller for our modern processing facility regardless of what building the people I was with and I choose, then I realized it shouldn’t be a factor that informs our choice. Eventually, I suppose we’re going to choose the fifth building of the bunch. It offers an amazing loading zone part in the back putting shipments onto trucks so they can be shipped out to our customers. The facility should be large enough to handle our contractor growth, however not too large where we’d waste currency on energy expenses keeping the facility cool plus dry.


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