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I originally went to school to be an architect, and i loved studying the design plus shape of buildings, plus I constantly felt that architects were just large-scale sculptors, but unfortunately, I wasn’t quite talented enough to complete my degree, so I wound up increasing majors plus pursuing a construction job instead, the fine thing is, I make pretty fine money laboring as a site supervisor, plus I still get to help construct buildings around the city; As much as I enjoy the process of studying redprints plus bringing them to life, I often struggle with inputting certain appliances plus other systems… One of the hardest things to install, aside from plumbing, is a commercial heating, ventilation, plus A/C.

It’s crazy how much has to be considered! You actually have to be creative when it comes to implementing these Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C systems in some of these buildings, however last year, I was tasked with installing a heating, ventilation, plus A/C idea that could heat plus cool a numerous-story building, normally that would be self-explanatory, however there was honestly no room somewhere to install air duct, cooling system units, a gas furnace – anything involved in a heating plus cooling system system, but so, the two of us had to get creative! Instead of using a conventional central heating plus cooling system system, the two of us had to rely on radiant radiant floors to provide warmth on each floor.

The two of us also used central air conditioning along with small diameter air duct, plus localed solar panels around the cooling system component itself on the roof, however doing this not only gave shade for the cooling system unit, however also used the light hitting the solar panel to help power the system. Now that’s a genius way to address a problem!

heated floors

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