Getting super warm comfort with different HVAC method

I think I’ll be good to go now with living with all this winter

It wasn’t exactly easy to get acclimated to a winter that seems to last forever. Moving to the north was something that I was excited about because I was starting a new life with my new wife. There was nothing in my mind that I didn’t think we could overcome. And thus far, that has held up to be true. However, I am really thankful that we are in a new house with an a different HVAC method. The first house we moved to when we came up here had a furnace for heat. This is fine but the house was old. No matter the effort, I just couldn’t seem to get the place sealed up. That meant that I was always dealing with drafts, cold floors and chilly air. The first few winters were far tougher than I had ever imagined. But, I love my wife and this is where she wants to be so that means this is where I am. However, we just couldn’t get the HVAC thing right in our old house. So, we built a home. But we incorporated geothermal heating & cooling instead of the more traditional HVAC methods. The beauty of this is twofold. First, the HVAC is able to extract heating & cooling energy from the near constant temperature of the earth. Second, the heat is transferred through copper tubes in the floor. Radiant heat is so very much better than anything I have ever experienced. I think I’ll be good to go now with living with all this winter. This type of heat is so cozy that I am actually enjoying the winter a bit.

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