Made it home safely thanks to the coffee and energy drink, but had trouble sleeping

My wife and I had a great time hanging out at my brother’s home.

  • He actually has radiant heated floors, so we were enjoying those immensely.

I honestly have never felt such comfort and that on top of him having the fireplace was like living the dream. While my brother and his wife said we could sleep in their guest bedroom through the night, I really had to be heading back home. I couldn’t miss any work and I had to work in the morning, and it was getting late. So we headed on our way and my brother told me to make sure to text him when I made it back home safely. He was worried because it was late and I was pretty tired. The trip was a good 4 hours, but I figured I would be fine. When I was driving, I was starting to become really tired after my wife already fell asleep. I kept adjusting the temperature control and had the A/C going up higher and higher. Eventually it was freezing in the car, but it was helping me to stay awake. The powerful A/C in the car actually woke up my wife as well. When she got mad and turned the heating system on, that’s when I had to stop at a gas station. I realized with her using the heating system, there was no way I would remain awake unless I had some coffee. I actually ended up getting a cup of coffee and also an energy drink. Even though the heating system was on, that coffee paired with that energy drink had me wide awake! We made it home safely and I texted my brother, but then I had a hard time getting to sleep that night.
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