I was frustrated with the energy bills until I looked up a bunch of energy saving tips

For a long time I was always mad about the energy bills. It seemed like no matter what, the energy bills were always expensive. I would always shout at everybody in my house to turn off the lights constantly and always keep the doors shut. I wasn’t happy whenever I knew there was any A/C escaping from the house. Even though we often kept the lights off, my energy bills were still rather extravagant. Finally, I looked online and I came across some energy saving tips. I learned that by switching my light bulbs to energy efficient bulbs, I could save a lot of money and not cause additional heating in my house at the same time! This was a great energy saving tip and I didn’t mind people in my home turning the lights on so much any longer. I also learned about how smart it is to use a smart thermostat. I guess there’s a reason why the word ‘smart’ is in the actual name! Using the smart thermostat saves you roughly 10% on your energy bills! The other energy saving tip that I appreciated was using block-out curtains. They stop the sun rays from heating the inside of your home, and make it so the HVAC system doesn’t struggle as much. I am so happy that I looked up all these energy saving tips. Even though I swapped out the old bulbs for the energy efficient ones, I also learned to keep the old ones and use them in the winter. In the winter, they help keep the house warmer because of the heat they emit!

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