I don’t have freezing feet any longer in my home

There was a time when I used to walk around my home with completely freezing feet.

Even when I was wearing socks, my feet always felt frozen.

I felt like I needed to get socks with built in heating systems or something. Eventually I ended up calling the HVAC company to see if they knew of a good solution for having such cold floors. I even mentioned how I hated stepping out of the shower on those ice-cold floors. The HVAC professional who I was speaking to told me he had the perfect solution, but it would be a little bit costly. I honestly didn’t care how much the solution was going to cost, I just wanted to be comfortable in my home! So he started telling me about radiant heated floors. I honestly didn’t know there was such a thing as adding heating to the floors, but there was. He explained that a boiler system would be installed hooked up to a series of piping that would go through my floors. He explained that the heat would radiate upwards slowly and evenly so that my home would be at the perfect temperature and my feet would never be frosty again! I already loved the sound of it as soon as I heard the term “heated floors”. I immediately said I wanted to arrange for the installation and so we set it up. Before I knew it, we had new radiant heated floors in the house and I was so happy with the change! Even though the installation was expensive, the energy bills have gone down a great deal.

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