HVAC contractor guidance is pivotal

There is some truth to the fact that first attempts can often be more about what can be learned then what can be done.

  • The very first from the ground up house building project was a great example of that truth for me.

I’m glad I waited until later in life to take on such a project because I can’t ever see putting myself through that again. There were plenty of times I had to hide in the HVAC comfort of my car just to keep my nerves from fraying. There are simply so many details to take care of when one is building a home. The general contractor was not paying the amount of attention needed to the subs so I started doing that. One benefit of the building experience was the fact that I got to know a great HVAC contractor. The HVAC contractor that ended up doing everything from design to installation was not the general contractor’s choice. When I saw the unprofessional manner of the HVAC guy the contractor was going to use, I stopped that. Instead, I interviewed several HVAC contractors prior to settling on the one who did the work. That guy was a pro from the minute he showed up to the build site. The HVAC contractor was prepared, organized and a great listener. These were all the qualities I was looking for. It was so good to have someone with so much expertise taking charge of the HVAC portion of the build.

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