My new gadget came in handy.

I love gadgets.

I have always been this way as far back as I can remember.

It must have had a good deal to do with our dad because he was constantly tinkering with stuff. And all that tinkering led dad to possess a bunch of gadget type tools. He would even go after something like the HVAC component with some of his gadgets. I can remember him doing this while our mother picked up the phone to call the heating & A/C professionals. My dad was unafraid to take stuff apart but he couldn’t always put them back together. This gadget habit he passed down to me just came in really handy recently. I obtained a temperature gun years ago for something that I can’t even recall. Well, my wife and I moved about a year ago to a place that is much colder in the winter. We got here in the middle of winter and just dealt with the furnace being on all the time because we didn’t really know any better. Not this year, I know that there is no good reason for the furnace to run as much as it did. The furnace is pretty new and has been checked out by the heating & A/C people. The problem was the house. But, I had the tool that could help us fix that situation. The temperature gun and I started creeping around the house in the night once the furnace had come on to heat the house at night. I was floored by what a sieve our place was. The heated air was just pouring out of our house. Needless to say, I have a bunch of sealing up to do.

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