Sometimes change is good.

Being a real creature of habit, a sizable change can come as a real problem for me.

I love things to be manageable plus have a fairly rich amount of structure.

However, there is also a lot to be said for change as it absolutely will make you grow plus face things outside your comfort zone. I just don’t like when it’s my heating and a/c comfort zone that is being affected. This is what happened not too long ago. My whole life changed recently in a sizable way. My wife and I sold our home of nearly 30 years. With some kitchen, bathroom and HVAC upgrades, it didn’t take really long to get the amount of money the two of us wanted from it. The plan was to build a smaller home. However, things moved with such speed that the two of us decided to purchase a smaller new home instead and remodel it with our design. This was a sizable undertaking that faced some real tests from the outset. Having found a place that was a fine deal plus would fit what the two of us had in mind renovation wise, the two of us pulled the trigger. Almost as soon as we moved inthough, the heating and a/c system stopped working. We knew that this would be a part of the renovation. However, the two of us were hoping to get most of the other stuff done prior to addressing that situation. So, we called the HVAC service company to help us figure out just what to do. The answer was so simple plus so effective. My wife and I chose to go with ductless heating and air conditioning. The efficiency, ease of installation plus price made that option really easy. And the results have been far more impressive than I could have imagined.


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