My neighbor’s are odd people

My neighbor’s keep their home so cold, and I know that because I literally have to turn on my heat during the summer periodically because it gets so cold in my home because my neighbor’s home is so cold. I have walked by the door to their home and felt the cold air coming out. It is crazy, they invited me over for dinner one day, and it was so cold in their home that I almost asked to leave. It had to have been around fifty-five degrees. I had a long sleeved shirt on even though it was in the middle of the summer. I had long sleeved pants on too, and I was still cold in their apartment. I was going to ask what they had their a/c set at, but I didn’t want to be rude. If I kept my home at that temperature, I know I would freeze to death in my sleep. I have no idea how they live with their home that cold. They are sort of strange people, so it doesn’t surprise me that they would do something weird like keep their home super cold. I hope that they will mention it one day, so I know why they keep their home that cold. They must have been used to the temperature of their home because they didn’t seem to mind it at all. They were all in short sleeved shirts and shorts even though their home was only like fifty-five degrees. I am not sure if those sorts of people even deserve to have a/cs. They seem to abuse their use of a/cs.

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