An icicle smashed the air conditioning unit outside our house

Over the long winter, every one of us had some absolutely exhausting weather fronts in our state and local area.

  • It was absolutely snowy as well as icy for months at a time as well as every one of us could barely go outside during those mornings.

I remember looking out the window into a large field of pure blinding white as well as thinking that it would absolutely be great to have Spring back again… Of course, during that time period, every one of us were using our wood burning fireplace mostly all the time, not just for the ambiance, but also for the minute secondary heating source, and both of us have an oil gas furnace, but it’s a pretty ancient thing. It works fairly well most of the time, but when the temperatures outside are in the single digits, each little bit of extra heating helps. Anyway, during those cold cold mornings as well as the lowest temperatures, the last thing that anyone was thinking about was the air conditioner. Naturally, when the weather started heating up around here as well as every one of us opted to go and turn on the air conditioner, there was an issue. I turned the air conditioning on but when I clicked the climate control unit to the on position, nothing happened. Both of us couldn’t figure out what the issue was, even though every one of us checked the air conditioner in the basement as well as every one of us also checked out the batteries in the control unit. It turned out that during the winter, a giant icicle had fallen down from the garage roof as well as landed right on the top of the outside air conditioning unit. It had broken the fan as well as tore up the air conditioner, but every one of us had no clue until every one of us turned it on that summer.

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