I adore my pets but can’t believe one chewed an expensive A/C remote

I have one pet that is legitimately a handful at times! I have a female pet that likes to run and jump & get into just about anything & everything.

My little male puppy is quite the opposite of my older female.

He is the calmest puppy that I have ever seen and it’s great because of how much he behaves. I keep my AC remote in the same place all of the time. And when it was not there one day I was confused. I thought for sure the pets had taken it & chewed it up and did something with it. I searched the entire house & found nothing. I was then convinced that I must not have put it back in its original place to where it was supposed to go, so I looked in the couch cushions & under all of my furniture. I still could not find it. So I decided that I would order a brand new one. I searched online for my particular air conditioning, and found that for a tiny remote it would cost about twenty dollars. I did not want to pay it, although I figured I did not have a choice, just as I was about to order it, I heard a one of my pets barking, so I went to check on him and found that he was chewing up his pet bed. I stopped him from chewing apart his entire bed and I also found a chewed up remote tucked inside the edges of his bed as well. Now I know exactly what had happened. I love my puppy, although I was pretty upset that I knew he didn’t know any better.


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