My partner has very cold feet ever

I’m starting to believe that there might be something very wrong with my partner because she has literally the coldest toes on the earth.

  • I don’t suppose to know if she has exhausted circulation or what might be going on, although I wish that every one of us could get it under control! It literally drives myself and others nuts with how she’s always complaining about it.

You would assume that it would be even worse in the wintertime, but truthfully, I assume she complains more about having cold toes in the summer. See, all of our air conditioning vents are on the baseboards in our house. They are made into the baseboards as well as under the cabinets, so my partner was always kneeling or walking right next to them whenever she is cooking or absolutely doing anything at all inside the house. Then she will come to bed as well as stick her cold toes on myself and others as well as nearly make my heart stop pumping because it scares myself and others so much. I don’t absolutely suppose what to do about it because there’s absolutely no way we can change the way all of the air vents are set up in our house. It’s not very cost effective for us to change our entire ventilation plan because of my partner’s cold toes. I have absolutely looked into installing radiant hardwood flooring in some parts of the lake house to help out with the problem, but it’s absolutely lavish. Now, I’m thinking that every one of us might just have to buy a few weird portable electric space oil furnaces to set up here as well as there around the house, and maybe that will help her toes a little.


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