My dad was competing with other HVAC businesses

My dad started a heating and A/C repair supplier after my sibling and I were born.

I know the two of us were in elementary school, but I don’t remember the exact year that he started really working for himself. My dad was the only HVAC provider in our small neighborhood for a lot of years, and then some major providers moved to the section and drove prices way down. My dad was going out of business and he had to do something fast or he was going to close down for good, and everyone knew if my dad closed the shop, the national supplier would raise their prices. If they were the only competitor in the area, they could pretty much charge anything they wanted for heating and air conditioner services. My dad decided the only way to compete with the sizable chain was to have a website. My mom and dad hired an SEO supplier to track buyers, sales, plus traffic to the website! The SEO supplier created a full-color 5 page website for my dad’s supplier. They helped add keywords to the website so the heating and A/C supplier could be found in the local search results. They also introduced my mom and dad to spend my money per click advertising, then sales doubled in 1 year and my mom and dad had enough money to hire a third person to task on HVAC repairs, after 20 years in business, my mom and dad have one of the most successful corporations in the section and I am proud to be a part of the program, then both my sibling and I task with our dad and the two of us hope to carry on the name for several years to come.


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