I always have to sleep in a cool room no matter where I go

I undoubtedly love sleeping in a cool area. I have gotten so used to sleeping in a cool bedroom that I cannot sleep without my air conditioner on. I live down south, and it never gets cold outside. So unfortunately I cannot just open the window and let in cool air. I bought a new air conditioner for my room recently, and it keeps my room cool. I love walking into a cool home office when it is time to go to sleep. I do not love traveling because that means I have to stay in a room that is just not as cool as mine is whatsoever. I visit my parents every year around the holidays, and I usually stay for about a week. I love seeing my family, but I never got a good night’s sleep while I was there. I did not have the air conditioner on of course because it was the end of December, but I am so used to having a cool room. And I knew I was not going to be able to sleep. Just recently I decided to buy a portable air conditioner to bring with me anywhere I go, so I brought it to my parents house. I did not open the air conditioner until late when almost everyone was in bed. I could not figure out how to work the thing at all. It took me numerous hours to get it. I set it and tried to go to sleep, but it was so warm in my room all night. The next day I found out that I had the furnace on instead of the air conditioner. I did not even think that it could heat. I studied the entire manual on it so that the next day, I knew how to work it, and was using the air conditioning setting and not the furnace settings.

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