Sleeping in a cool room thanks to a air conditioner is great

I entirely prefer sleeping in a cool home.

I am so used to every night sleeping in a cool home that I cannot sleep if there’s zero air conditioner on.

I live down south, and it never gets cold, so I cannot just open the window and have cool air come in. I bought a new air conditioner for our room recently, and its amazing how cool our room gets. I prefer walking into a cool home office when it is time to go to sleep. I do not like traveling because that means I have to stay in a room that is honestly not as cool as mine. I visit my parents every year around the holidays, and I stay for about a week. I prefer seeing our family, although I never entirely like sleeping there because they do not have any air conditioning running. Although I am so used to having a cool room, I cannot sleep without an air conditioner! Last Christmas, I decided to buy a portable air conditioner to bring with me to my parents house. I did not open the air conditioner until late the first evening when almost everyone was in bed. I could not figure out how to work the thing. It took me ten minutes to get it on. I set it as well as tried to go to sleep, but it was entirely warm in our room all evening. The next morning I found out that I had the furnace on instead of the air conditioner. I didn’t even know that it could heat as well. I read the entire instruction manual the next day, so I knew what to do as well I have had no trouble sleeping at our parents since.

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