Trying to add some flair

Have you ever tried to sell something in your yard and no a single stopped.

The two of us see it all the time around neighborhood and I used to wonder why some things sold in a matter of hours or afternoons while others sat there for weeks.

There was a appealing camper for sale a few streets over but they never had any interest in it so it just sat in the driveway. This may be because they simply had a handwritten sign in the window with a phone number on it for inquiries, however i didn’t even notice it for various weeks until I happened to be walking by instead of driving. I guess if they had enlisted the help of a local store that printed posters or signs they may have done better with the sale. Many of the greater office supply sites offer professional printing services for a cost and they can design posters, flyer, and even outdoor signs that show pictures, information, and prices. Having and eye catching display can mean all the difference and the few dollars you spend will help ensure that your item is seen by as several people as possible. After all, if you are driving by at forty miles an hour, you need to keep your eyup on the road, not look around for some little sign in the window of a camper. Bright colors, professional signs, and catchy phrases attract people’s attention. If you want your item to sell check out the printing services that are gave in your section or online. Often times your item will sell suddenly and you can then spend your profits on something else that you will likely sell later.


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