Making information more clear

Making the traninterest from a 3 dining room apartment to an assisted living facility was difficult for my Grandmother. She loved his condo and didn’t want to leave. She had lived there for nearly sixty years and he wasn’t willing to give up several of his things. The two of us did a lot of research on facilities in the section and even toured a few but all of us were having difficulty finding the right sitement for her. My cousin happened to be shopping a single day and saw a poster on a community board. It was for a retirement center on the outskirts of neighborhood so he stopped to learn about it. Whomever had designed the poster knew exactly what to put on it in order to attract people to their facility. It stated that the place had appealing landscaping, spacious apartments, separate storage for each of the renters, covered parking, and several other amenities that would be perfect for our Grandmother, but the photos that were on the poster were legitimately nice as well. She took a picture of the poster with his cell phone so that he could show it to his when he went to see her. It turned out to be the right fit, but, without that poster all of us never would have known about the site. While meeting with the supervisor I asked his if there was a reason that they didn’t advertise on the cable or radio care about all the other sites did. She said that the posters seemed to work fine and were far more affordable than those other forms of advertising. They had a local print shop that helped them with design and printing that they had used for year. They seldom had a vacancy and the renters that they had seemed to have various interests in common.



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