Boss wants us to get BMS certified

I genuinely love my new job, which is working for a heating and AC Supply Company.

I’ve been there for several months, and started fresh after finishing my Technical College.

I definitely didn’t guess much for real life. I finished my college degree and then looked around for frequent tasks. I found work at a heating and AC program Corporation. They hoped to find an individual that could help them with building management program. I interview on the same day that I applied for the heating and AC task. After meeting with the kind and honest owner, I was happy to say yes to the job offer. The guy was looking to grow the company, and wanted an employee with building management programs certification. My boss paid for me to complete all of the building management program courses, and now we offer a lot of building management system technical help. Our company works on heating and air conditioning programs, but we mainly focus on automated systems. That building management programs are usually set up to control the outdoor alarms, lighting, and heating and AC functions. So many of us have a lot to learn about the program, it’s clear that the heating and air conditioning business will do well from working on these building management programs. My wife and I are happy with the new job, and it was great to find ourselves a home with this heating and AC program corporation that wants to work on building management programs. It’s going to be an amazing couple of years, while I learn all about these automated Solutions.


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