The time to evacuate is now

Last spring, the entire region was covered in water. We had terrible storms that stalled out at poured rain and hail for days and days. My boyfriend and I were lucky, because we live on a hill. Others weren’t so fortunate, and many of our local neighborhoods were under water in the first three days. Even though the governor declared a state emergency, help didn’t arrive until several days after the rain stopped. During the storm, all of the community folks tied together to help. My boyfriend was one of those people. Since we live on the hill, we were in a safe and dry place. My boyfriend and a few of his colleagues helped out during and after the storm. My boyfriend is an HVAC technician, and he works for a very large and well-known HVAC contracting company. In fact, the company handles HVAC Services, plumbing services, and other types of mechanical engineering problems. When the storm water started to become significant, that HVAC company lended services to fill sandbags. Between my boyfriend, his colleagues, and the rest of the HVAC company employees, they filled almost 50,000 sandbags in an entire weekend. A lot of people in the area were devastated by the flooded Waters, and many homes had HVAC and plumbing problems after the water receded. The company was busy for a long time, and the national relief fund covered most of the home repairs and replacements. A few months after the storm, my boyfriend received a raise for his efforts in helping during a significant disaster. I’m really proud of my guy.



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