My facebook page was relentlessly hacked by someone

I had to hire a social media management supplier when my Facebook page was hacked by someone; and the guy did a lot of destruction to my reputation plus I almost lost millions of dollars because of the whole fiasco.

  • However, I would not consider myself an internet celebrity, but I do have more than 100,000 followers on my Facebook plus Instagram page.

I always have to change my password plus monitor my page because someone is constantly trying to hack my account; however a few years ago, a guy impersonated myself and others online plus I had to shut down the page completely plus begin all over. It took 10 months to get back all of my followers… Last month a guy succeeded at hacking my page again plus they deleted all of my Facebook friends. They also sent nasty messages to some of my corporate sponsors. I had to beg all of my sponsors not to cancel our contracts. The only way they would agree to keep myself and others was under contract was if I hired a social media management supplier. I had to pay for the service which wasn’t cheap, but it was the only way to keep the sponsors ecstatic. The social media management supplier handles all of my accounts on facebook plus instagram plus they answer texts plus any fan requests. They also handle all of the web services plus advertising so I do not have to worry about too much any more. I didn’t honestly want to provide control to someone else, but I have a lot less stress plus anxiety plus I do not have to be afraid of getting hacked again.

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