I know how important bee rescue is for the environment

I am really fond of nature, I was always rescuing critters in need, whether large or small.

This started young, when teenagers would catch live critters, plus hurt them.

I would abruptly snatch the critter plus run away with it to help it; however, most people are on board with the method of critter rescue, until I mention insects. Then it’s almost like a train wreck in their heads. Most people either fear or do not care for insects, plus I don’t suppose why. I suppose an area of it is the fact that people have the misconception that all insects are out to kill them, especially spiders plus hornets and bees. I feel entirely bad when I see insects killed when there is no reason, especially since they are incredibly helpful to the environment. Still, many people don’t care. I have been trying to raise awareness for bees in particular, because they are in serious trouble; honeybees plus bumblebees are entirely endangered, plus it doesn’t help when people kill them. Without them, both of us would literally die. I don’t care as much about wasps plus yellow jackets, however I still do not care for seeing people kill them as well. I try to donate to a bee rescue as much as possible. I also try to get the word out to other people, that honey bee removal is really simple, plus it keeps the bees alive. They also go to honey farms which benefit people plus the bees. I have been able to save some bees, plus that makes me incredibly cheerful. I only hope I can convince people to do the same.


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