Saving major amounts of energy with less A/C machine use

Every year around this particular time our residence gets a little bonkers! Everyone starts getting into the holiday spirit which can easily fly off the rails.

When people start getting especially excited about the holidays our residence starts to get extremely chaotic plus overpriced… It doesn’t help that our family is regularly set on using a ton of string lights to light up the entire area with a brilliant display wrapped around our residence.

As I’m sure you can imagine, it gets rather costly to keep all of these lights on each year. That’s why I start saving up for our Christmas light fund before the Wintertime season arrives. In fact, this warm season I was actively cutting back on our energy expenses by modifying the central heating, cooling, plus air quality control machine settings in the name of our eventual Christmas celebration. I came to realize that we easily spend a huge amount of cash in the warm season using our large a/c machine. It’s not very simple to keep an entire residence chilled when the outdoor temperature is so sizzling plus humid. All of us wind up spending a good amount on our energy costs because of the a/c machine that is responsible for maintaining a regular of high quality indoor air. This warm season, I started augmenting the temperature control unit settings bit by bit so that all of us utilized the a/c machine a great deal less. Each day I would bump up the air temperature settings by a few degrees so that the family wouldn’t notice a sizable change in the indoor air quality. By the end of the season, all of us had saved enough money on our energy bill to justify this massive Christmas lights display.


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