My brand new HVAC unit was stolen

Man I am so disappointed and mad at myself. I had worked overtime for the past two weeks, and had gotten a lovely looking paycheck because of it. I decided that I should pamper myself a bit, and go shopping at the mall. I spent probably 2 hours looking at all of the different things for sale, and bought a whole bunch of cool stuff. Well one of the things that I bought that would be a great additional to the house was a HVAC unit. It wasn’t anything really fancy, it was the kind that you can transport around with you. It was pretty small, but they had some demo A/Cs out and they worked great! I was thinking that I could bring this transportable heating and cooling device wherever I go on trips, and that this would keep me cool no matter what temperature it was. That was my original plan anyways. Unfortunately, I had so many bags around me, that I ended up losing track and forgot one on the bench I was sitting on. I didn’t realize that I had forgotten it until I had already been at home. Even though I rushed back to the last spot I saw the HVAC component, it was nowhere to be seen. I asked some of the mall employees about a lost and found, but it wasn’t there either. I had to accept that I had lost it, and I went home disappointed. I told my husband about the incident later, and he offered to buy another transportable cooling unit, but I wish I hadn’t lost mine to begin with.

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