My package was really late

About 3 weeks ago, I did a bulk order online at a local HVAC store, for a bunch of HEPA air filters.

  • This is nothing unusual, as I usually bulk order A/C filters at least twice each year, that way I am set for 6 months or so.

Usually the air filters will arrive in a week, which is why when they didn’t, I was surprised. I called the HVAC business and asked them about my package, and they told me that there were some delays. Although that was a little disappointing, I understood, but the HVAC company was incredibly nice. Even though they couldn’t help that there were delays with the HVAC air filter package, they told me that they were going to refund half of what I paid! This was so incredibly generous of them, and I even told them they didn’t have to, since it wasn’t their fault, but they insisted. That was so incredibly kind for them to do that, and when I did get air conditioning filters, I personally called them and thanked them for being so nice, and that the HEPA filters worked great! Their kindness put me in a good mood for the rest of the day, and when I talked to my friends, I recommended that they try them as well. When I went to buy from them again a few months later, I got my package right on time without issue, but they still called me to make sure that I did, which I also found incredibly kind. It goes to show that some businesses really care about their customers.

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