Landscaping new house

I graduated from college with a great deal of student loans.

  • Although I got a job in my chosen field, it was an entry level position.

I wasn’t making a lot of money. I took a really cheap apartment within walking distance of my job. I never went out to eat, clipped coupons and adjusted the thermostat to minimize my utility bills. It took several years, but I gradually began earning a lot more money. I was anxious to get out of the cramped, rundown apartment. I wanted more square footage, a big lawn and modern appliances. After touring a lot of different properties, I finally chose a very large house on the lake. It had everything I was looking for except curb appeal. While the inside of the house had been recently renovated, the outside had been entirely neglected. The trees and shrubs were overgrown and the gardens were overrun with weeds. There was no spot for outdoor seating or barbecuing. With no clue how to go about making improvements, I called a landscaping company. They sent a guy over who walked around the property with me and discussed different options. We came up with a plan to add gardens that would require little maintenance. We decided on a patio area with an outdoor kitchen and fire pit. A big investment was installing a fence around the property. I liked the idea of a fence identifying the property line. I looked at different styles and chose a fairly ornate iron fence with a gate across the driveway. The new fence has beautified the property and added some security.

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