I can’t really deal with working the weekends anymore

I don’t actually enjoy working on the weekends in the least, but those are the particular days that I have to work these days.

I recently began working for a new business & I am at the bottom of the totem pole.

I was working for a strange repair business for roughly 5 years, but the owner sold that business & I had to find a completely different locale to work. I searched for a job that would easily supply me every weekend off, but it’s not very easy to find that in the Heating & A/C service & replacement industry. I have been a Heating & A/C repairman for practically a decade. I appreciate the work, although I sincerely wish I did not have to work on the weekends all of the time. The weather outside is really nice, warm, & sunny… A good amount of my friends don’t have to work the weekend. They regularly go kayaking, canoeing, & paddle boarding around the bay. They usually ask me to go along & I pretty much always have to say no. Last weekend, James, Danny & Mark were hoping that I would go hiking with them near the National Monument. I actually wanted to go hiking & the weather was supposed to be truly nice. Regrettably, I could not get anyone to switch any days with me at work. I pretty much had to spend the day simply working on a Heating & A/C replacement job. I was totally tied up all throughout the day & I did not get back to my property until the sunshine was set. I don’t know how long I will be forced to work weekends, although I certainly hope that it won’t be any longer.

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