I thought the customer understood the cost of repairing the HVAC machine

The next afternoon, the customer called the office to talk to our boss

A customer tried to call the office this month to get myself and others fired. Thankfully, our boss isn’t the type of man that jumps to conclusions. After our boss talked to the customer on the phone, he brought myself and others to the office to get our side of the story. I certainly remember the customer, she was on our schedule Monday. We basically went to repair the air conditioning machine in her home. After I located the complication with the air conditioning machine, I provided the customer an estimate for the repair services. She didn’t bother to question the amount on the invoice and she didn’t seem to have any problem with our analysis of the situation either. Of course, after I finished the repair, she didn’t have the desire to pay the bill. I thought the lady was pretty much just joking, however she refused to give myself and others a debit card or write a check. She only wanted to talk about the bill. She told myself and others that it was way too costly for the repair and she wanted myself and others to lower the price by a sizable amount. I told the lady that the air conditioning machine was fixed and I showed her the estimate for the job. She even signed the estimate… She actually wasn’t going to pay the fees until I told her that the two of us would just send her the bill in the mail. She wrote a check after that. I went back to the office and I started working on another Heating plus A/C machine repair job. The next afternoon, the customer called the office to talk to our boss. She basically told him that we lied about the estimate, however the two of us had the proof in black and white. She signed the estimate before I even started working on the air conditioning machine.


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