Cushy work from home job with total climate control

No heating is rough, but high heating makes you sluggish

I have a pretty cushy job. I get to work entirely from home. I can wear my pjs all day long if I want. I can take a break for lunch or to work out. I don’t have to take calls or go into the office. I can control how much work I do and when I turn it in too. No stress at all with what I do. I also like that I get to control my own thermostat. In the summer I treat myself to more AC than I should. I never freeze in the winter due to heating. I have a smart thermostat too. The thermostat knows when I start and end work. It also knows when to adjust temperatures for my mid day work out. I never worry about the climate control being off. The thermostat even controls fans speeds and humidity levels. There is nothing better than that. There are guys who do roof work in the summer and don’t get any AC. The road crew guys shovel hot black top with no form of air conditioning. Doctors, nurses and dentists all have to work in heavy AC all day though. They never get to experience even slight heating in the winter due to germs forming. Climate control is such a big part of a person’s day. Too much AC makes it horrible, but too little can really bring you down. No heating is rough, but high heating makes you sluggish. A work from home job is the best and cushiest of them all by far.


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