My power is going out soon

I figured out that schools down south have snow afternoons too.

I wondered how that worked since they do not get snow. A snow afternoon in the north is just a cold afternoon. Not even a really cold afternoon either. The hot plus cold temperatures in the south never get that cold. When it hits around 40 degrees, most people freaks out. The afternoon schools were closed I was outside doing yard work. I can’t guess how weak southerners are with the cold. When I went to school in the north, a snow afternoon was a serious thing. It usually meant no heating at the school. The snow, wind plus cold sometimes knocks out the power. If the school can’t provide heating then there is no school. If the windchill outside is too cold for the kids who walk, there is no school. I have to say that anytime I had no school, I had no heating at the house. My electric always was off. My family never bothered with a generator unless it went over a afternoon. All of us had a whole afternoon with no plumbing, electric or heating. No lights, flushing a toilet, taking a shower plus being cold cold. That is a regular snow afternoon in the north. Those southern kids don’t recognize how lucky they have it. I bet those kids went to the films or just sat by the furnace at home. A snow afternoon should also make the kids suffer as well. That is what the school wants right? Honestly, the kids could really play outside comfortably in the south on their snow afternoon. There is just something sort of wrong about that.

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