The mountains are gorgeous

My husbandy and I live in the south and did not realize how chilly it genuinely gets in the north.

All of us decided to take a Winter time holiday there, then pictures made it look lovely.

The snow, ice and mountains looked so pretty. All of us pictured resting in front of a roaring fire with Tim Hortons Latte and our knitted hats on. All of us booked a traditional log lodge cabin with a traditional fireplace for heating. All of us wanted the full northern experience. Well, the two of us got it and it was horrible. The lodge was chilly chilly the entire time. There was never enough heating. A traditional fireplace meant it was a wood burning 1. All of us were left wood to burn, but not nearly enough. The wood burned quickly and left soot, ash and dust everywhere. All of us both reeked of the smoke and hated the smell. I had to genuinely go outside and chop wood once the two of us ran out, however since the wood was in the snow, the two of us had to wait for it to melt and dry before using it. The heating that came out of the fire was just pathetic. All of us did not just wear knitted hats. All of us froze in our full on Winter time gear and under blankets. The whole trip was focused on heating, then cutting more wood for heating; Drying more wood for heating, never letting the fire go out due to heating. The traditional log lodge stay proved to us how terrible it can really get in the north. That is the only and last time the two of us will ever visit, especially in the winter. That fireplace was awful.

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