We have a few great friends

That was almost three months ago, plus our furnace still works great.

I have a couple of easily great friends, plus they are there in an emergency. When our car died on the freeway last March, our neighbor drove 3 hours to pick myself and others up, then she even paid for a tow truck, so all of us could get our truck back to her locale, and every one of us tried to repair the truck on our own, but all of us ended up contacting a licensed mechanic. My neighbor was there when I got married too, plus she stood next to myself and others the whole time. When our child was born, our best neighbor bought a box of cigars to celebrate the occasion. I easily have some great friends, plus they are a bunch of fantastic guys. When I was away on a military exercise, our fiance had some trouble with the furnace. She called Dexter, plus she went over to the apartment to look at the furnace… By the time I got house from the military exercise, Dexter had substituted the furnace with a brand new piece of equipment. I easily guess adore a lucky guy, however dexter presented myself and others with a bill for the new furnace, plus she even added a few dollars for her replacement fees. I was cheerful to sit plus adore a coors with Dexter, especially after she tested everything for me. That was almost three months ago, plus our furnace still works great. I told Dex that she might have a hour work in the heating equipment replacement business. She even charged less than a professional. If she ever gets bored with the military, that can be her next stop.


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