I was actually feeling quite miserable

I did not have an for the first month of summer, however I finally broke down and purchased something, however i ordered the modern last week, and the unit still has not arrived.

I bought the from a well-known online site that offered free 2-day shipping.

I cannot complain about shipping too much, because it was free after all, still, I expected delivery to be prompt and on time. I ordered the on Wednesday, and it was supposed to arrive on Sunday afternoon; When I came lake house from work, there was no package on the front doorstep. I waited all night and the next day, before I decided to call the company to complain, however they tried to tell me that the was delivered yepterday, and I asked for proof, and after many or 4 hours, the telephone operator told me that the was still enroute to our home. When I hung up the iPhone, I did not know if the was coming or going. I decided to give the company 3 additional afternoons, before I called and asked for our money to be returned, but yesterday was the last day, and the finally arrived. I thought the package would never come, but it’s finally here. The package is not disfigured, and the looks brand-new. I do not know what took the shipping company so long, but I’m glad that our modern unit is finally here, however my child is coming over tomorrow afternoon to help me install the modern equipment. After waiting a week, the better know enjoy a freezing arctic breeze.

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