I am so tired of dirty ducts

I’m so tired of cleaning all the time.

I know that this is a common complaint for moms all over the world who are forced to act as their family maids, day in and day out.

Around here, it’s dusting that drives me totally nuts. I feel like I can never clear off a surface sooner than it is drenched in dust again. And, I think I finally figured out what the problem has been. My indoor air quality control. For many years I have been battling my large central heating, cooling, and air quality control system in my house. I have a typical forced air furnace and large air conditioning system that control my indoor air temperature and air quality throughout the year. The traditional ventilation systems always provided temperature change in accordance with the thermostat, so I never thought much about my existing heating, cooling, and air quality control equipment or how inefficient centralized systems can be. It took several years before I learned about mini-split ductless heating and cooling systems and finally thought about how these smaller indoor air temperature control units could be installed in my house. Maybe it would be nice to have little HVAC units, rather than operating a large centralized indoor air quality control plan. Since I have been rather exhausted by high energy bills, anyways, I decided that installing the heating and cooling systems would be a good experiment. And thank god I did. Now I have individual temperature management systems throughout my entire house with so much less professional maintenance service appointments and lower energy bills. More importantly… my house has never been so clean from the onboard filtration devices that I don’t have to dust anymore.

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