I’m so done with paying professionals

Sometimes I feel like I’m a huge cheapskate.

  • I like to save money, like anyone else.

But there are days when I might take it to an extreme in order to save a buck or two. That being said, I think it’s the conservative way to live and I don’t regret any of my efforts to build a retirement fund. Recently, I had to spend a little money to save a lot of money – in the form of heating, cooling, and air quality control appointments. It’s all because I was super excited when the local heating, cooling, and ventilation repair shop first began offering indoor air temperature control equipment repair, installation, and maintenance classes. One morning I received an email from the local trade school explaining some of their New heating and cooling educational courses. I was more than excited when I saw that they were opening enrollment to the public on these air conditioning and furnace instructional classes. I signed right up to join the heating, cooling, and ventilation repair courses. I figured, why the heck wouldn’t I want to know about indoor air temperature control systems for my own house? I could save on a lot of potential professional heating, cooling, and air quality control jobs down the line if I can repair the HVAC myself. I enjoy feeling like I know how to handle a basic AC or furnace repair, and knowing that it won’t cost me a dime. I am excited about the opportunity of increasing my financial stability for the rest of my life through DIY heating, cooling, and ventilation jobs. It’s an investment in the future.