This church is not comfortable

Instead of giving money toward the building fund at our church this year, I think I’m going to do something a little bit different.

Usually I donate money on a daily basis, in small increments, this year, there’s a really large sale on modern central air conditioning units at our local Heating & Air Conditioning supplier.

They’re even offering really enjoyable prices on commercial a/c units & installation, too; And so since my church has been needing to get a modern a/c proposal for the past couple of years, I’ve decided that maybe I’ll just pay for the whole modern air conditioning. This would be instead of my daily contributions to the building fund, of course! It’s really something that the two of us need; Our a/c has been on the baffix for a while now & last summer, it got really sizzling during our church services. As you absolutely know, sometimes sermons can get long & a little bit boring! The last thing you need when there’s a boring sermon is to be hot. That just makes me sleepier, however so when there’s a bunch of people all grouped together, all that body heat makes the temperature just keep on rising, then between being bored & hot, I end up falling asleep almost every month during the summer. And that’s why I’ve decided that I’m the a single to take on the task of getting us a brand modern commercial a/c system. I think a modern air conditioning proposal will be helpful for our congregation. And I’m ecstatic they are having a large sale at our Heating & Air Conditioning supplier!

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