An altercation over the high heat

Let me tell you a great story about how hot the summer gets in my hometown.

It’s a pretty small place, maybe 2000 residents total, and with this heat I’m surprised it’s that many.

With a small town mentality, everyone knows everyone else. Last summer two guys were at the bar. One of them said to the other “hot enough for ya?” and the other guy full-on punched him in the face. This heat drives people crazy, and just the tiniest trigger can set someone off .We call it the Summer Madness. Anyway, it turns out the one guy had no AC at home, it was broken, and he had come to the bar to enjoy their cooling system. The thing is, at a bar the doors are constantly opening and closing, so even though the air conditioning was on, you could hardly feel it. Well, I could feel it, because I had the good sense to find the biggest air vent in the room and set directly underneath it. After the fight was broken up, the barkeep had both guys stand underneath one of the other air vents to cool them off. They ended up shaking hands, and nobody called the cops or pressed charges because they both understood it was just the summer madness and lack of quality air conditioning. Around here, if your air conditioning goes down, you may turn to violence. Then again, if you do get arrested they take you to a nice air conditioned jail cell, so it could be a whole lot worse.

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