Air conditioning is what America is all about

I taught myself to be handy as a kid, through trial and error.

My dad wasn’t around, and my mom worked a lot, so I tended to the house, and ended up learning a lot of things I still use to this very day.

When something broke I would try and fix it. The first time I did that successfully was on a small box fan we kept in the kitchen. The apartment was very small and very old, so the box fan was very important to us. It was the sole source of circulation and cooling for the kitchen, which got very hot during meal preparation. When I saw the relief the fan gave her, it set me down a path that would one day lead me to HVAC work. It may sound silly, but for me air conditioning represents America is a very special way. People like my grandparents come to America to get a better quality of life, a higher standard of living and of comfort, and what represents that better than climate control? In the past, only the very rich had advanced heating and cooling systems, but now they are in every home, because everyone deserves to live in comfort! I pride myself on providing low cost, high quality HVAC repairs to the people in my neighborhood, and have done so for years. Sometimes I will take a home cooked meal as payment, if that is all they can afford to pay, but I do what I can to bring air conditioning to anyone who needs it.

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