Getting the HVAC replaced

I can’t believe just how far HVAC technology has come during the last 20 plus years. Honestly, it sort of boggles my mind. The quality heating and air that we are now experiencing in our home is such an upgrade from what we had. And really, our old heating and cooling equipment did a very fine job. For one, it lasted nearly 25 years. Thanks to consistent HVAC maintenance, that HVAC equipment really delivered for a very long time. I don’t think we ever had a major HVAC breakdown at all. But when the HVAC technician told us we should start planning the replacement of the HVAC equipment, we knew it was time. But again, I just didn’t realize how much HVAC technology had advanced. When we started doing a bit of research online, it was almost overwhelming to see all the choices. In fact, we finally just sort of stopped looking and call an HVAC professional for help. The HVAC contractor came out to our home to inspect our air ducts and have a look at the old HVAC. Thankfully, the ductwork passed inspection and would completely fit the new HVAC equipment. We did have to get the HVAC company to come out and do ductwork cleaning which was then followed by ductwork sealing. Then the HVAC contractor helped us figure out which HVAC replacement would fit our needs. We found a unit that worked for our budget and heating and cooling needs. Additionally, we added a smart thermostat and zone controlled HVAC. The results are unequivocally the very best heating and cooling I have ever experienced.


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