Air conditioning makes rainy summer more tolerable

This past summer, it rained nearly every single day. There was very limited opportunity to go outside. We spent the majority of our time trapped inside the house. The kids were bored and miserable. It would have been much worse without a working central air conditioning system. Thank goodness we had the cooling unit installed the year before. We debated because our area doesn’t typically experience summer-like weather for more than two to three months. Our priority is most definitely the wintertime cold and snow. We’ve invested a small fortune into the furnace and rely on it for six to eight months. The only reason we went ahead with whole-house cooling was because of a rebate that made the upgrade reasonable. Since I suffer from severe allergies, I felt it was worth it to be able to shut the windows against the pollen and other allergens. I’d hoped the air conditioner would filter pollutants out of the air and minimize the chance of mold and mildew growth. Despite all of the rain last summer, the conditions were terribly hot and sticky. There was no way to open windows. It was such a relief to have the ability to simply lower the thermostat setting. The air conditioner kept every room perfectly comfortable. It allowed us to get a good night’s sleep and stay cool throughout the day. At least the kids could play board games and video games, watch movies, read and color without being sweaty and uncomfortable. They constantly invited friends over, so I frequently had a house full of kids.

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