I can’t even imagine how bad it was

I hate going on trips. I don’t know how others feel differently about all the hassle. I’ll never forget the day that I was talking to one of my co-workers about his trip out of town to see his in-laws’ recommitment ceremony. It already sounds absolutely awful to me. He said that this party was a really big deal for the family, and he got so stressed out that at the airport he started drinking before the flight. When it came time to get up and catch his flight a few hours later, he was completely wasted. He even had to endure several hours sitting on the tarmac and he was feeling absolutely terrible, with no control over his indoor air quality or surrounding environment. If you’ve been in an airplane recently, you probably know that the ventilation is nothing you want to rely on. In fact, in some areas of the plane it feels as though there is no indoor ventilation whatsoever. In others, it will be blasting you straight in the face, thanks to the ventilation device of your neighbors. The air will either be extremely hot, humid, and stagnant or you’ll find that the air conditioning is on full blast. He said the indoor air quality was all extremely miserable, but the worst part of it was the lack of indoor air temperature controls on the actual airplane. Apparently, he actually managed to get on an airplane with a broken ventilation system. He was stuck breathing the recycled air of his neighbors with no ventilation control of his own… and his trips to throwup in the bathroom were not appreciated by anyone.

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