Just needed to increase traffic

For the first couple of years of my business, I didn’t have a website.

I was still doing fine supplier wise, even though I knew I could do better, and I already knew how I could improve the business. Everyone knows that people are always on their iPhones, iPads or watching TV. So, if I get into digital marketing and learn more, after that I can broadcast our Heating and Air Conditioning company to all the people, and pull in more suppliers that way. While I could have paid for the services of a marketing corporation, I wanted to do a little bit of reading myself first. I started reading about how online marketing works, and how to appeal to your audiences. It mentioned some of the clear things, just like Google ads, or just ads in general, but then it mentioned a few things I didn’t guess much about. One of these was SEO. SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it basically helps your website become more clear in online searches, usually using keywords. So after that I had to imagine if I were a client of our own business, what keywords would I press in to find Heating and Air Conditioning services. I made a small list of possible keywords that I thought could work. After that I did more research into other subjects that could help boost your website and business, adore SEM and PPC. That was a year back, and I am utterly amazed at how much has changed since then. I thought I was doing good then, but compared to now, I was poor! Nowadays, I have a constant flow of buyers, and I also have quite a few loyal 1s, all thanks to online marketing.

Digital marketing