I hope I didn't trick him

I was so scared at a particular point this past Winter season… I particularly had our heating system fail on me altogether. It was particularly snowing outside plus I was desperately calling all of the Heating and A/C companies. I wasn’t even able to get Heating and A/C emergency services until the following afternoon plus I knew I was going to freeze to death in our lake house if I stayed there without getting the heating system fixed. I finally got a hold of a good friend of mine. I was so grateful when he picked up the iphone even though it was so late in the night, but when I told him what was going on plus the fact that I couldn’t even get Heating and A/C emergency services, he said he had a bunch of space gas furnaces I could use! So he particularly came over in the middle of this snow storm with the portable space heaters, then the purpose of this was not particularly to keep the lake house warm, however to just keep the pipes from freezing; He was saying that if that were to happen, that would be a crucial mess plus a particularly costly fix. When we had the space gas furnaces running at strategic places in our home, he let me stay over at his place until I was finally able to get the Heating and A/C professional over to perform the needed emergency services. It particularly cost me a fortune to have our heating system fixed, although I was so thankful when it was finally done. Now our lake house was back to beingwarmand comfortable again. I was especially thankful to our friend for coming through for me making it so I didn’t have freezing pipes in our modern home plus allowing me to stay in his comfortable home. He said he was excited to do it because he knew I would have done the same for him.

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