Doreen had to find a furnace repairman fast

For a long time, Doreen had lived in an apartment building in the middle of a busy city.

The location was ideal since she could get to and from work without fighting traffic.

But, after getting married, she knew it was time to move. The area wasn’t the most ideal for raising a young family. Doreen and her husband found a lovely home in a quiet location and bought it. Part of its upgrade was installing a new heating unit. The house had an aging air conditioning system which she was worried would fail. Instead of getting another HVAC unit, Doreen opted for a gas furnace. The gas furnace would serve them in winter and summer and cost less. The quality heating unit installation took a short while then they moved in. Doreen loved the central cooling unit and enjoyed decorating her new home. Last winter, she arrived home after work to find her nanny waiting for her with bad news. The gas furnace had stopped working about an hour before. Doreen had to act fast because it was so cold. She got a hold of the AC company that sold her the heating system and inquired about AC mechanics in the area. Luckily, the company also had a service and repair branch. An HVAC repair van arrived at her home in the nick of time, and the AC technician got to work. The gas furnace had a faulty ignition which needed replacing to get the heating system working. Apart from that, the AC repair person had to clean the air filter, which was clogged. Doreen was happy when the HVAC expert finished the work, and the gas furnace came to life. He informed her she needed a better furnace maintenance plan to lower repair costs and increase its quality.


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