The perfect A/C for cat and dog

The A/C expert got to his home early in the day and noted the condenser unit was filthy

Evans enjoyed his new pet friends. He’d rescued a dog and a cat from the pound who were inseparable. The attendants had told him they came in together and cried out when separated, and so, they hoped to find them a permanent home that could accommodate them both, but Evans did not think twice about taking them home. He passed by the store and bought them a bunch of things, including food, however at home, he noticed the central heating and cooling unit was on. Evans wasn’t sure about how it would affect his pet babies, but it was hot outside, and he knew he needed to leave the A/C on. But, he was worried about their well-being. That evening, he spoke with his sister, who owned 3 dogs and two cats. Evans asked her about the best way to use a/c in a home with pets. His sister was helpful and informed him about A/C settings. The best way to ensure they were safe was to figure out the correct thermostat settings. Both creatures had a soft and light coating which meant they did not need lots of cool air during the day. At the same time, the two were healthy and had good weight, so they did not need lots of warmth to be comfortable. His sister also mentioned cleaning out the air ducts and cooling unit. The dog and cat needed good quality air to breathe all day. So, Evans booked an HVAC worker to come and service his central cooling and heating system. The A/C expert got to his home early in the day and noted the condenser unit was filthy. Also, there were a few faulty parts that needed mending. Evans was happy with the work since he knew his pet friends would live in a beautiful environment.



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