I enjoy riding the stationary bike

A couple years ago, my husband gave me a stationary bike for Christmas.

Since exercise is super important to me, I was thrilled with the gift.

The stationary bike is such an enjoyable workout that I almost feel guilty about it. I only let myself utilize the bike once or twice per week. On the other days, I concentrate heavily on high intensity cardio such as running and jumping rope. I often lift free weights, use resistance bands and do push-ups, lunges, squats and mountain climbers. Compared to all that, riding the bike is like taking a break. I make sure to peddle aggressively and set the resistance high. I can choose between all different types of programs and set calories burned, time or distance as my goal. I am able to listen to music and have a water bottle handy. I can even read on my ipad during the workout. The time goes by really fast. I always manage to get sweaty and out of breath during the workout. I usually spend about an hour riding the stationary bike. I like that this type of exercise avoids hard impact on my knees, ankles and feets. It’s also a great type of workout when I’m overly tired or suffering a headache. I can feel good about my accomplishment without causing undue strain or injury. The bike has been a really great addition to my workout equipment. Although space in my home gym is limited, I am saving up for a treadmill. I want to keep adding my inventory of equipment.

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