Combining biking, running and swimming in my workout

Now that the weather has finally warmed up enough that I can get outside, I’ve come up with a really great workout.

It incorporates all different types of exercises, keeps things interesting and raises the intensity level for me.

I start by riding my bike to the athletic field. The route takes about twenty minutes and is mostly downhill, providing a great warmup for me. Once I arrive at the field, I take about ten minutes to stretch and loosen up my muscles. I then utilize the track and run anywhere from three to five miles. I don’t need to worry about traffic, potholes, slanted pavement or struggle to calculate distance. The track is well-maintained and the lanes are clearly marked. I like to compete against myself, making an effort to quicken my pace and beat my personal record. After I’ve completed my run, I briefly stretch and then get back on my bicycle. The ride home is more challenging because I’m headed uphill. It’s a strenuous ride and I’m always sweating profusely by the time I make it home. I then dive straight into the pool. Even if the water is chilly, it feels great. I proceed to swim laps for half an hour. There’s no hard impact on my joints and I get cooled off. I always feels refreshed and loose after the swim. I finish my workout by spending ten minutes soaking in the hot tub. I drink a full water bottle, relax and think about the day ahead. I’m always in a good mood, energized and eager to have a productive day.

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